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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Garage needs.

What comes into your minds when you hear about garage? Well, personally i always associate it with some tools of my husband and stuff that he usually uses for his car. He has a lot, I'm telling you because he likes to tinker at his car most of the time. As a gift to him, and as a relief for myself (i want to take a break from too much cleaning), I am thinking of getting him a garage storage organization from Baldhead cabinets. I saw it online, and i want the one exactly as shown in the picture here. I need a lot of cabinets for his things like the cleaning materials, electronics and a little of carpentry. Hopefully we can set up this one before the holidays. A garage workbench would also be great. He needs that when he fixes things, I dont want him using just any chair here at the house for safety reasons. Do you think this would be a perfect gift for him this Christmas? This is truly a solution for garage de cluttering needs. Lets see if this will motivate him to work more at the garage and keep his things tidy too.


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