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Friday, October 9, 2009

More Coupons Please !

Anyone who knows me from the online world knows how crazy I am with online shopping. Well, i know that most moms are really into shopping whether in-stores or online. Right?! Anyway, to make online shopping happier and more budget friendly, I am always looking for coupon codes when I shop. It provides big savings for practical shoppers like me. Just this afternoon , I checked on some coupons again before I buy our groceries. I have a few for our toiletries and I was lucky to read an article on how to Save on Organic an Specialty Teas . We are tea drinkers in the house because we find it relaxing , therapeutic and healthy. Most of our guests would prefer it too more than coffee.

I was able to get an Art of Tea coupon codes if I'll order online. I plan to try a few more flavors and hopefully me an m husband would enjoy it. The current promotion is 15% off with every $50 spent. I plan to order right after this writing, so it will arrive here anytime next week, in time for my mom's arrival . I'm sure she will enjoy drinking organic teas.


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