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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tools for the chef in you

One of the main reasons why I put up this blog is for the reason that I love to eat. This site may not hold the best and the newest restaurants in the metro , but i just share the ones that my family is trying or at least tried . Also, i try to squeeze in some home cooking recipes. I cannot say that I am a good cook, but I do try my best whenever I prepare food for my family. I also try to examine carefully some recipes that I like in the restaurants where we dine. Willingness to learn how to cook is a vital part in the kitchen. Cooking is something that you must really be interested in for you to come up with really yummy food. Who knows, in the future i might have small restaurant too. I would definitely be getting the best materials when I become a chef, like the supreme metal food table that I saw at the mall the other day.

But i guess that would take a long time to happen. For now, I am very happy and contented to cook for my small family. During weekends, I try to make everything special by having a nice table setup. That surely adds up with all the food presentation. I even bring out my precious oneida dinnerware on special dinner with friends. They love my set of flatware they never know i got it on sale at a very good price.


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